Helping Manchester businesses - it’s all about connections

Manchester has a thriving technology community with a number of innovative market leading solutions.

The creativity within the city should be no surprise. Manchester has created a number of Nobel prize winners, the place where the computer was invented and more recently where Graphene was discovered.

At IntroStream we showcase technology and help businesses connect with technology providers more efficiently. We have already helped a number of Manchester technology businesses connect with businesses.

Helping businesses connect

A number of Manchester businesses have used IntroStream to find technology providers which have the potential to add significant value to their business.

One example is Together Money who recently used the IntroStream Challenge service to find new ideas in relation to customer engagement. We generated 15 new ideas for Together Money who are now in discussions with 6 of our Members who submitted ideas. At least one of these ideas is being taken through to an MVP stage.

The advantages to of using our challenge service is that it can generate ideas for any business. The service is free and saves a company time when looking for new technology services.

"We chose this challenge as it's a prevalent opportunity for us now.  As our B2C proposition grows, we want to be ahead of the curve in understanding our customers and ensuring great customer experience.  We chose IntroStream to help us with this as it's incredibly easy to use and only requires you to:

  1. 1) provide a summary background on the company
  2. 2) present your challenge (few lines) and hit submit

In a few weeks, you're presented with technology providers that have essentially 'pitched' their solutions for your challenge.  It's a win-win introduction.

I was impressed by the ideas generated. The result yielded 15 suggested ideas, of which 12 I would have a further conversation with. Despite my research, I had not come these providers so it really allowed us to scan the market quickly and allow the solution providers to come to us for a specific need we have.

What's great about IntroStream is it's just that - an introduction to solution providers that could help you with your challenges. What's even better is that these are established companies so for a regulated company like ourselves this is great.”

Together Money
(Challenge company)

Helping the Manchester technology sector

The IntroStream platform has helped a number of Manchester technology businesses connect with businesses. This is both through our challenges and through general introductions. The latter is something we are continually doing behind the scenes both connecting technology businesses to one another and to businesses asking for specific technology services which is where our Discover index is relevent.

“IntroStream has given us the ability to connect to organisations and industries that were otherwise inaccessible. The value proposition is clear for both sides and has made for really honed in, useful introductions”

(IntroStream Member)

“The IntroStream team helped me connect with a business requiring a technology which has led to a great project for our company”

(IntroStream Member)

Productivity is a key focus of the UK Government and helping improve connectivity between businesses and technology will help tackle the UK productivity decline. The connections we make will improve connectivity and the business community as a whole.

Why is IntroStream needed?

Companies used to rely on google or asking a friend to find technology. With the range of services and providers on the market today, this method is no longer efficient for businesses. IntroStream was created to be the platform of choice for companies to find leading technology products and services.

Our platform helps any business, large and small, to understand what technology they require to improve their business. Our members cover a wide range of products and services including app development, data analytics, customer engagement, bots, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital agencies, web design and build, automation and social media.