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Sputnik Digital

Sputnik are an Innovation and Digital Engineering agency. We combine UX and Technology to deliver digital projects which improve and disrupt marketing and operations activities to engage customers, remove friction and increase efficiency.

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Primecool Media

Using the latest and innovative marketing technologies, Primecool attempts combines Psychology with appropriate Platforms to provide you with a full and competent strategy. If you are looking for a full-blown marketing campaign or a simple revamp of your current strategy, Primecool is here to help you.

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ANS is the UK’s #1 Cloud Services Provider, offering a suite of transformational services to help the UK’s leading businesses innovate and operate better, faster. Our expertise and experience with Microsoft and AWS enables us to foster a multi-cloud perspective to answer how and when to leverage cloud platforms to deliver business value IT.

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We are Createk – transforming the way people think software. A team of forward-thinking, passionate developers who specialise in the Design and Development of Web Applications

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Eon Visual Media

At Eon Visual Media we're in the inspiration business. Through our core services of App Development, Animation, Design, Video and Website Design & Build we create inspiring digital content tailored to your exact requirements.

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Real-time SaaS loyalty, marketing and data-driven solutions. Connecting retailers and brands with their customers through intelligent, engaging and rewarding shopping experiences.

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my2be is the online mentoring platform connecting people both within an organisation and externally to a wider network, significantly impacting employee engagement, CSR, talent & retention.

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Shaping Cloud

SPINR connects applications and their underlying data together, enabling organisations to create their own API platform upon which new digital services and streamlined processes can be built. It gives organisations the ability to truly design services around the needs of the users rather than the restrictions of their back-end applications

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Wondrwall UK Ltd

Wondrwall uses sensors throughout the home to understand living patterns and how the home performs. This enables your home to manage your heating, lighting, security, and safety. With built-in voice control, automatic adjustments can be overridden at any time.