About IntroStream

Our Mission is simple, to connect companies large and small with innovation. We give our Members a voice and an opportunity to connect with business decision makers.

We have identified the power of connectivity as technology develops and new innovative solutions are developed.

IntroStream is a unique index of technology based solutions for businesses. The platform is aimed at helping companies identify solution providers and is free to use.

If your company does not know what solutions it requires? Our unique IntroStream Challenge service provides a forum for our Members to pitch tailored solution ideas directly to you.

IntroStream Challenge

Any business wanting to set an IntroStream Challenge can register and request a free challenge.

You are in control and decide what you want to disclose about your business and any particular challenge you are facing. IntroStream Challenge is a powerful way to identify solutions you may not be aware of.

The IntroStream Challenge will only be visible and accessible by IntroStream Members.

The contact details of businesses undertaking the IntroStream Challenge will not be disclosed to our Members. IntroStream will consolidate the responses of our Members and provide them directly to the business undertaking the IntroStream Challenge. It is up to the business undertaking the challenge which IntroStream Members they want to engage with after receiving the Challenge responses.

IntroStream Membership

Becoming a Member of IntroStream is a simple process. After registering an account, Members will be asked to pay an annual membership fee. Following payment, Members can complete their business profile. Videos, case studies or recent work can all be added and updated throughout the membership period.

Our Team

We are an independent company controlled by its founders based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The founders, a mixture of professional advisors and tech entrepreneurs, established the business to aid greater connectivity.

We are passionate about what we do and the value we can deliver to the business world.